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The primary function of the Regional Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Manager is to provide oversight management of all Regional HSE activities, to provide leadership, coaching, and mentoring to all Regional HSE personnel, and to provide all levels of the regional management team with the services and technical advice needed for the proper administration of the Company’s HSE and Injury/Illness Prevention Programs.  This includes advising all levels of the regional management on HSE; supporting the company’s established network for the communication of HSE matters; managing HSE programs at jobsites; assist in the recruiting of project HSE managers and technicians; managing other Regional HSE managers; and developing and maintaining a strong HSE culture within the region. The Regional HSE Manager ensures that the Company complies with all applicable federal, state, and local HSE regulations. He or she will maintain outside professional relationships with individuals, associations, and firms that have similar HSE values as the Company and will be available to staff and field organizations as necessary. The primary work environment for this position will be both in the office and on job sites. Extensive local travel is required in order to properly fulfill the requirements of this position.

Roles and Responsibilities: The Regional HSE Manager will ensure that the region’s projects have established programs to support the Company’s HSE goals and objectives to ensure that HSE remains a core value. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain close and frequent communications with the Regional VP and provide support in improving non-HSE business systems that will indirectly impact the Company’s safety performance and culture.
  • Build and maintain strong partner type relationships with Operations Managers and Project Managers to assist VP in a leadership role to drive positive change in all areas of the region.
  • Support interim programs to identify and remove physical hazards from work locations.
  • Programs and activities that will develop and maintain Team Members’ Health, Safety & Environmental awareness and compliance.
  • Formulating, recommending, and administering approved changes to the Company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program, SOPs, and other HSE initiatives.
  • Establishing and overseeing HSE training programs appropriate for the Team Members.
  • Manage HSE incident cases and injuries to the benefit of HYLAN while insuring the well-being of the affected Team Members.
  • Working with the HSE – VP, establish HSE policies and procedures for the Regions and the Company.
  • Promote and cultivate a safety culture within all levels of regional management, front line supervisors, and craftspeople.
  • Devise and implement new and innovative approaches to safety with the result of keeping a safe working environment in the forefront of everyone’s values.
  • Working with the Human Resources Department, recruit jobsite HSE Supervisors and Technicians.
  • Provide management oversight for all HSE activities and programs at each jobsite within the region.
  • Establish systems and controls to ensure compliance with HSE policies and procedures throughout the region.

Compliance with HSE Procedures: The Regional HSE Manager will institute and maintain current incident reporting system, and will support regional managerial and supervisory personnel in their compliance with HSE processes by:

  • Provide technical expertise during incident investigations.
  • Personally investigate serious incidents.
  • Maintain close communications and working relationship with the site project managers, and all other team members associated with the work.
  • Ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken to eliminate hazards.
  • Develop and implement procedures to eliminate hazards and situations as those discovered through lessons learned and investigations from prior incidents.
  • Recommend corrective actions and/or disciplinary procedures for violations of HSE rules, procedures, and norms.
  • Perform periodic and routine safety checks, audits, and inspections in the region’s projects;
  • Ensure that unsafe acts and conditions are corrected in a timely manner.
  • Insure that incidents are documented at the job site. The Regional HSE Manager will ensure that proper and timely notification of all incidents are being made in accordance with Company policy and that copies of audits, inspections and incident reports are prepared, acted upon, and appropriately filed at the jobsite, regional, and corporate offices for the appropriate retention period.

HSE Staffing: The Regional HSE Manager is responsible, in cooperation with the Company’s Human Resources Department, for assuring that an appropriate number of experienced and qualified job site HSE Managers and Technicians is available to staff the projects, as well as manage the career development of those HSE personnel:

  • Recruit experienced and qualified HSE Managers and Technicians for the Regional jobsites, verify their experience and qualifications prior to offering them a position with the Company.
  • Identify technical training needs and coordinate training scheduling.
  • Track HSE staff and available candidates by skill level and expertise.
  • Coordinate professional development for HSE Professionals.
  • Network with HSE industry groups / organizations that represent similar HSE values as the Company.
  • Perform Strength Charts for all HSE personnel reporting to him after the completion of each separate assignment.
  • Responsible for the hiring, placement, evaluation, advancement, and/or demotion of all Regional HSE personnel, essentially responsible and accountable, in coordination with the Regional VP, the Corporate HSE Manager, and the Human Resources Department, for all personnel matters described herein, which may include, but are not limited to: Project, shift, and/or area assignments; General Health, Safety & Environmental duties as may be required.

Subcontractors: The Regional HSE Manager oversees subcontractors and vendors’ HSE planning, performance, and compliance during their work for the Regional, ensuring that they clearly know and understand what is expected in the areas of HSE.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must have a minimum of 10 years of hands-on HSE jobsite management and supervision experience, and/or a combination of jobsite and corporate level management experience, in heavy industries, or a related fields.

  • Be a good leader, coach, and mentor to others.
  • Have excellent people skills and be a good listener.
  • Be a good facilitator.
  • Be a good negotiator.
  • Must have excellent understanding and knowledge of HSE programs, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Must have the abilities to develop and implement an HSE training plan.
  • Able to monitor and analyze financial and project progress reports.
  • Ability and willingness to travel as required and needed.
  • Have good organizational skills.
  • Able to multi-task.
  • Able to work in a team environment to accomplish established regional goals.
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, able to convey trust and respect in day-to-day activities as well as in more formal meeting settings.
  • Excellent English communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • Working knowledge of computers, including Microsoft Office Suite programs.
  • Must have valid driver’s license in accordance with Auto Use Policy.
  • High School degree is required. College degree is preferred.
  • Must be willing to attend continued training applicable to the position as deemed necessary.
  • Must comply with Company drug and alcohol policy.
  • Must pass Area Safety Council Basic Plus, and site specific, safety training as necessary, and maintain them updated at all times.
  • Have knowledge of construction and utility operations and hazards which may require special precautions and PPE.
  • Must be able to read and understand safety instructions, signs, labels and permits in English.
  • Ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

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