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Hylan, a market leading provider of specialized communications engineering and construction services, will feature two top executives in important panels that describe how “essential” businesses are coping — and even thriving — in the pandemic.  The forums will also look at the future of the business of wireless infrastructure deployment beyond the pandemic.

Hylan CEO Joe Cecin will share his industry expertise on a webinar hosted by Inside Towers on Tuesday, July 28, 2 pm ET. The webinar, “COVID-19 & Network Deployment,” will discuss what wireless infrastructure deployments will look like post-COVID-19. Cecin will be joined by Michael Hill, Assistant General Counsel of Regulatory Affairs for ExteNet Systems; John Lamond, National Sales Director for GME Supply; and Giuseppe Incitti, CEO of Sitetracker.

Topics to be discussed in the webinar include workforce impact and safety, supply chain issues, 5G rollout, zoning and permitting process shifts and overall digital transformation.  To register, go to COVID-19 & Network Deployment.

And Hylan’s chairman of the board, Robert DiLeo, will participate in a Fiber Fireside Chat hosted by Sitetracker. On the Wednesday, July 29 (11 am ET) panel, DiLeo and fellow industry leaders will discuss ways to better prepare for a post-COVID world. DiLeo will be joined by Brett Cupta, VP of Strategy at Sitetracker; Mike Coffey, VP of Outside Plant for Extenet; and Tim Sherman, Engineering Director for Ervin Cable Construction.

DiLeo points to the pandemic and the aspects of the “new normal” that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. Infrastructure and construction industries were deemed “essential” early on, and Hylan was able to keep the momentum with its own scheduled projects and those that were already underway. Still, construction sites now look nothing like they did, pre-COVID.

Overall topics to be discussed include a look at:

  • Which COVID related challenges aren’t being talked about enough
  • When is the right time for business to consider making changes in its process against the backdrop of the pandemic
  • What will the fiber industry look like in five years?

To register for the Fiber Fireside Chat, click here. Follow Hylan on Twitter and Linkedin.

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