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It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of valued #Hylanfamily member Bert Martin. A loyal and long standing employee of Hylan for more than 30 years, Bert was essential to Hylan's DNA and will be forever missed and never forgotten. https://hylan.com/a-tribute-to-bert-martin-valued-hylan-family-member/

Have you ever seen the removal of an #infrastructure pole? Check out this Down Under #Construction project in #Maryland #decommissioning a 72-foot pole.

Down Under Construction is making strides by installing conduits for a future #datacenter. They are digging and setting electric manholes to be tied into for the main power. Additionally, they will be trenching & encasing various duct banks around the outside of the building.

Hylan's mission is simple - to be the leader in the race to build the nation's communications, #electrical and #smartcity infrastructure. Watch this video to learn how we are participating in the greatest expansion of infrastructure in history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5kyUX_w8ZY

#DYK - #5G has the potential to make loading websites, #streaming #music, and downloading up to 10 times faster than #4G. Find out what @rtbianco says about the new realities for streaming on 5G. (pg.28) @ConnectWorldICT https://connect-world.com/north-america-i-2021/

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