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Earlier this month, our CEO, Joe Cecin, had the chance to discuss the effects that the global pandemic has had on telecom infrastructure. As an essential business, Hylan Companies across the nation have still had to carry out projects and maintenance, with Hylan executives implementing additional safety measures such as providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and limiting the number of workers at a particular site. The fact is, while social distancing must be enforced, the demand for connectivity and bandwidth is higher than ever, meaning construction must go on. 

In the Q&A interview, Joe delves into what he envisions for the future of the industry, now with the knowledge that COVID has likely altered this course quite a bit. He touches on predictions for 5G, bottlenecks in deployment, and many other interesting topics.

To read the entire interview between Telecom Ramblings’ Rob Powell and Joe Cecin, click here.

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