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Last week, our CEO Joe Cecin joined Inside Towers and a panel of fellow industry experts from ExteNet Systems, GME Supply and Sitetracker (new Hylan partner!) to discuss wireless infrastructure and network deployment post-COVID-19. In the webinar, Joe and the panelists reviewed the state of network builds prior to and during the pandemic and how the deployments will evolve as our nation continues to move forward.

“In the early days, there was a lot of adjustment as we [Hylan] were reacting to the severity and widespread nature of the pandemic, dealing with the new work rules,” pointed out Joe. “Three quarters of Hylan consist of field employees who cannot work remotely; they’re out they’re in the field doing what they do every day and the safety of those employees was paramount to us. We wanted to be sure we were able to procure enough PPE and sanitizer; had to change work protocols to incorporate social distancing and equipment sanitation after every shift. There was a lot of adjustments involved around worker safety. Four months in – this has become our new normal and we continue to keep pace.”

Some of the other critical discussion points in the webinar included:

  • Workforce impact and safety
  • Supply chain issues
  • 5G rollout, outdoor and in-building
  • Zoning and permitting process shifts (how are municipalities dealing?)
  • Effects by category e.g. fiber, DAS, small cells, macro towers
  • Digital transformation

Watch the full webinar below:

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