Hylan West


Hylan West, a Hylan Company, is a full-service design-build contractor proficient in broadband, communications, and wireless solutions. We specialize in underground construction, encompassing innovative technologies like micro trenching and micro fiber blowing. Our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, serve as the hub for our operations across the Northwest and Southwest regions, with operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa and Utah.


Hylan West is dedicated to helping our clients meet the increasing demand for communication networks. We offer comprehensive design-build services, specializing in creating robust broadband, communications, and wireless infrastructure solutions.
For additional services, such as planning and feasibility studies, operations and maintenance, right of way acquisitions, and more, please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


We provide a wide array of services, including underground and aerial construction services, wet and dry utility infrastructure solutions, and full broadband and telecommunication services.

Trenchless Technologies

We offer trenchless services for various dry utility providers across environmental areas and river crossings.

Utility Construction

Hylan West has successfully installed thousands of miles of fiber optic networks throughout the western United States for diverse clientele.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

We collaborate with state departments of transportation to install travel-time indicators, CCTV cameras, microwave vehicle radar detectors, and fiber optic cables.

Wireless Platforms

Our services include tower erections and upgrades, system overlays, integrations, testing, and decommissioning.


Hylan is happy to discuss new projects and partnerships.