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Smart City initiatives are taking place in urban locations nationwide, as our country and the world gets closer and closer to a “connected everything” reality. And Hylan Companies are proud to be contributing to the creation of this new, smart world. Our teams make smart cities a reality as we partner with private companies and government agencies and build out the foundational infrastructure for smart cities to connect utilizing our decades of experience in both wireless and fiberless technologies.

Hylan is committed to serving all of your fiber needs, with certified technicians who are thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of fiber optics. Hylan streamlines and optimizes logistics, which results in better projection of timelines, staffing and resources needed to complete your project.
By partnering with private companies and government agencies, Hylan helps prepare the city to achieve these ambitions that are guaranteed to improve transportation, streamline community involvement and communications, and promote a more efficient and environmentally-friendly use of resources.

Additionally, to reach Smart City status, robust wireless capabilities are essential. Upgrading wireless infrastructure is critical for allowing the coming flood of connected devices to send and receive all the information they’re collecting in real-time, without interference. By working with top carriers, Hylan has helped to upgrade existing deployments.

Hylan also spends ample time installing small cells for its customers, which complement the larger cell towers.

With decades of experience in both wireless and fiber technologies, Hylan has been selected to build out the foundational infrastructure for some of the earliest Smart City initiatives. Our company is also a major proponent of e-participation and e-government, which involves the use of technology so citizens can get better service from their governments and receive more return for their hard-earned tax dollars.

Contact us today to learn more about our smart city offerings and initiatives.

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