EV Charging Infrastructure

Level 2 and Level 3 Charging Stations

Rely on HYLAN to meet your EV charging infrastructure requirements. We specialize in constructing level 2 and 3 charging stations, tailored for multi-dwelling units, corporate parks, shopping malls, airports, and other frequently visited destinations. Providing the proper delivery will ensure your customers can efficiently and safely charge their vehicles in a timely manner.

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Here at HYLAN, we leverage our extensive industry experience in trenching to expertly install EV charging stations. Our proven track record in trenching enables us to efficiently lay cables and conduits underground, facilitating seamless connections between charging stations and power sources, contributing to the expansion and accessibility of electric vehicle infrastructure.


We are industry leaders in utilizing specialized and innovative boring techniques for the precise and efficient construction of EV charging stations. Our expertise in utilizing cutting-edge boring methodologies ensures the seamless implementation and reliability of charging infrastructure, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions tailored specifically for electric vehicle needs.
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HYLAN’s legacy in electrical expertise positions us as leaders in the field. We harness this extensive expertise to meticulously design and install the intricate electrical wiring necessary for the seamless construction of EV charging stations. With a keen focus on innovation and precision, our team ensures the robust integration of electrical components, facilitating the creation of efficient and reliable charging infrastructure that powers the future of sustainable transportation.
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Specializing in the meticulous commissioning of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure post-construction, our team prioritizes rigorous testing to guarantee the superior functionality and reliability of every charging station we construct.
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Restoration Services

HYLAN specializes in restoring asphalt, striping, and concrete to their original state before project commencement, providing a truly comprehensive turnkey solution.
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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.