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Building Our Workforce From the Ground Up & Training for the Utility Construction Industry

As a direct response to the shortage of skilled utility construction workers across the US, HYLAN launched HYLAN ACADEMY in 2021.  The groundbreaking program works to quickly and efficiently train construction workers in the complex utility builds that HYLAN is renowned for in the industry.

Supporting HYLAN’s company vision and mission, which includes “building rewarding careers for our people”, the HYLAN ACADEMY will also focus on the cross-training and professional development of our existing HYLAN employees. The program is designed to empower them to get the most out of their work with HYLAN and provide comprehensive training and career plans to help shape their time here. Our employees will gain a better understanding of promotional opportunities, as well as client-specific and emerging technologies.

The HYLAN ACADEMY achieves the following goals and objectives:


Provides long term sustainability to the HYLAN workforce through a structured employee development program.


Focuses on career paths and promotional ladders for all positions within the company at various levels of penetration.


Provides a sustainable return on investment through employee recruitment and retainage as we develop a workforce on the fundamentals of construction, extended learning programs, leading edge technology education in existing and emerging markets.


Supports our customers’ specific technology and requirements with cross training of individual focused educational component training modules.


The utility construction industry, much like any trade industry, requires skilled workers to perform the craft. This comes with various levels of success based on the mentorship and training abilities of those that come before us to hand down the qualities of productive workmanship.

The last two decades have contributed to the labor shortage with the loss of approximately 2 million workers in the 2008 recession and another 800,000 in the 2020 pandemic. These statistics paired with the fact that about 32% of construction laborers were between 45-64 years old in 2018 makes the need for newer talent imperative for a long-term sustainable workforce solution.

“HYLAN ACADEMY is our cutting-edge way to quickly and effectively bring more skilled workers into our industry. The extensive curriculum focuses on the education of industry best practice methodology to build and prepare a sustainable construction-capable workforce; a workforce that will be more efficient in a shorter time with the experience to mitigate work loss time due to return trips or quality issues.”

-Robert Bianco, Chief Commercial Officer

Hylan’s Robert Bianco Talks DAS with NYREJ
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HYLAN Academy: Building Our Workforce From the Ground Up & Training for the Utility Construction Industry

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