Electrical Construction

Electrical Maintenance

HYLAN maintains the entire electrical system including the incoming electrical service to all branch circuitry, lighting, and security of entire facilities of major national retail organizations spanning the US.
Electrical Maintenance

Traffic Systems and Street Lighting

HYLAN is proud to have secured city contracts nationwide for the maintenance of traffic systems and street lighting. This achievement reflects our commitment to excellence, safety, and efficiency in municipal infrastructure. We prioritize cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to ensure cities remain well-lit, connected, and, most importantly, safe. HYLAN is revered in the industry for having a dedicated team of skilled electrical construction professionals and a proven track record of quality work and reliability.

Traffic Systems and Street Lighting

Voice Data Maintenance

Our voice data maintenance technicians are highly trained in the installation and maintenance of all voice data circuiting of existing installations. Our high volume of work today involves Category 5 installations and maintenance, and now, the latest Category 6 cabling. We install CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 7 and soon to be CAT 8 when it becomes available.
Voice and Data Maintenance

Emergency and Disaster Recovery

HYLAN has a reputation for reliability that is built on delivery—our customers have peace of mind knowing that experienced HYLAN troubleshooters will be rapidly deployed to any emergency or disaster situations.
Emergency Recovery

As-Builts | Network Documentation/ Management

Post-construction services are of the utmost importance to the integrity of any company’s records. HYLAN offers services to gather post-construction network as-builts as well as Network Documentation and Management to actively monitor and update client records. Great records mean faster repairs and less network down-time.
As Builts - Network Documentation

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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.