Fiber/Copper Building Installations

Our ISP/OSP professional services involve setting up the essential infrastructure within buildings to enable seamless communication. This includes the installation of fiber optic or copper cabling, connectors, and other components, establishing robust networks for data, voice, or video transmission.


Core Drilling

HYLAN revolutionizes your indoor infrastructure with our specialized Core Drilling service. We excel in creating precise holes through the structural core of buildings or facilities, facilitating the organized installation of utilities such as cabling and conduits. HYLAN’s service is crucial for ensuring each floor of commercial and residential buildings are fully connected to the network.

Fiber Placement

Transform your indoor connectivity with HYLAN’s dedicated Fiber Placement service. We specialize in the strategic installation of fiber optic cables within controlled environments, such as buildings or data centers. Our service focuses on organized routing and precise connection of fiber optic cables, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of communication networks within confined indoor spaces.

Fiber Conduit Installation

HYLAN’s expertise lies in the meticulous planning and installation of conduits, creating secure pathways for the organized placement of fiber optic cables. This service ensures the protection of cables from environmental factors, enabling efficient maintenance and upgrades.
Fiber Conduit Installation

Rack and Stack

HYLAN’s specialized Rack and Stack service for Internet Service Providers involves the expert installation, organization, and configuration of network equipment within server racks or cabinets. We optimize space, power, and connectivity to ensure the efficient operation of servers, routers, switches, and other hardware components.
Rack and Stack

Fusion Splicing

Elevate your telecommunications infrastructure with HYLAN’s specialized Fusion Splicing service tailored for ISP. We excel in the precise joining of optical fibers within controlled spaces, ensuring seamless connections through the meticulous melting or fusing of fiber ends. This critical process optimizes signal integrity, minimizes data loss, and contributes to the overall efficiency and stability of your fiber optic networks within buildings or indoor facilities.
Fusion Splicing

OTDR Testing

Improve the performance of your fiber optic networks within controlled environments with our specialized OTDR Testing service. Using state-of-the-art Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer equipment, HYLAN meticulously assesses and analyzes fiber optic cables within buildings or data centers. Our precise testing method identifies issues such as breaks, bends, or signal loss, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your network.


Directional Boring

HYLAN maintains an updated fleet of boring equipment as well as vacs and all other support equipment. Our drill operators are factory certified with both the drill and fluid mixtures to ensure a positive pull back, whether pulling one or multiple conduits. HYLAN has the equipment and experienced teams capable of directional boring from 1” to 42,” rock boring, plowing and constructing pour-in-place concrete manholes. We also provide maintenance and offer 24/7 maintenance support with our emergency response team.

Open Cut Trenching

HYLAN has the expertise and trained teams to provide Open Cut Trenching services efficiently and safely. Depending on your surface material, placement of the conduit or pipe and environmental needs, our team has the experience to assess your project and provide you with the service best suited to the scope of your project.

Open cut trenching, the traditional method for excavation, involves excavating a trench to either install or repair existing pipes, conduit, etc. If the open cut trench excavation is located in a non‐pavement area, the excavation can be back-filled with soil and surface vegetation restored by seed or sod. When the open cut trench excavation is located
under pavement the existing pavement must be saw cut and removed, the excavation filled with granular back-fill, and the pavement replaced.

Open cut trenching is applicable for collapsed pipe, severely broken pipe and heavy root blockages. This method can be less expensive than trenchless methods in non‐pavement areas and does not require roots or debris to be removed from the pipe.
However, more excavation is required than compared to trenchless methods and it may require removal of street and sidewalk pavement.

Hydro Excavation

Widely recognized as an effective and safe process, hydro excavation is a type of vacuum excavation that takes the place of the traditional trench digging method of installing underground piping. Hydro excavation gives HYLAN the versatility and flexibility that is not typically available with traditional methods. 

Whether your project requires locating utilities, potholing, daylighting, reducing surface damage or minimizing traffic disruption, HYLAN is the team with the expertise and resources to successfully deliver hydro excavation services in a safe and cost effective manner.

Our hydro excavation services include:

  • Locating utilities
  • Trenching and excavating
  • Potholing/daylighting

Advantages to hydro excavation include:

  • Reduces surface damage and to existing utilities
  • Alleviates traffic disruption
  • Less expensive to restore
  • Helps reach difficult sites
  • Penetrates frozen ground

Micro Trenching

Discover a smarter, faster, and more sustainable solution for infrastructure development with HYLAN’s micro trenching services. By harnessing cutting-edge techniques, we seamlessly install fiber optic cables and utilities with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Auger Boring

Our experienced team understands the intricacies of auger boring, delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we prioritize client satisfaction and ensure the seamless installation of underground utilities. Choose HYLAN for a reliable partner dedicated to the success of your infrastructure ventures.

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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.