Wireless Services

DAS Installation

HYLAN has years of experience in DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions such as In-building cellular wireless network services. We offer full end-to-end indoor and outdoor solutions to help companies stay connected. A DAS is a wireless antenna network solution that helps businesses provide a fast and reliable connection to customers. We offer full end-to-end indoor and outdoor solutions to help companies stay connected.
Wireless Services

Small Cell Installation and Testing

HYLAN is expertly trained in small cells, low-powered, outdoor access to provide a cost-effective way of increasing the number of cell sites with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network. More communities and municipalities are seeking small cells to eliminate the need for larger towers, which helps improve coverage on city streets and metro areas. Small cells are instrumental in buildings and high-capacity venues such as airports, train stations, malls and sports stadiums that prove otherwise difficult to reach using traditional macro cells. Small cells are useful in deployment for rural coverage in remote areas that may only have voice coverage or no coverage at all. Small cells also improve network performance and service quality by off loading from large macro-cells.

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Wireless Tower Electrical and Site Grounding

HYLAN works on Distributed Antenna Systems networks for cellular/PCS systems, switching centers, microwave networks, and LAN/WAN & wireless networks. We offer full support services for wireless equipment installation, support infrastructure, and maintenance. Our work includes critical power system design and installation, antenna and line installation, central office facility grounding and lightning protection, and a host of other related services.
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Design Engineering

HYLAN’s team of OSP experts meet the demands of your network growth plans. We now provide ”Start to Finish” services, which are tailor made to fit our clients’ exact specifications – taking projects from Potential to Process.

Our engineering project experience includes fiber routed in all environments (aerial, underground, attached conduit, etc.), and all types of plant including communications, power, CATV, and bridge/building attachments. Additionally, engineering and CAD work has provided our government clients with precise designs for the most stringent security standards. HYLAN’s first hand experience with construction and project management allows us to engineer the highest quality projects with minimal material and labor costs, resulting in the lowest overall construction costs.

HYLAN provides outside and inside plant design services for twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, and copper cable networks. Additionally, HYLAN has established a reputation for engineering and construction within the security and surveillance fields and interconnect of CCD cameras, pop-up gates, and other associated ground-based sensors.

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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.