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 “As Infrastructure providers, Hylan is well positioned to participate in the rapid expansion of electric vehicle charging stations and associated infrastructure. We have already participated in numerous charging station projects and are involved in bidding on some very large projects for municipalities looking to increase their fleet of electric cars, taxis and buses.” …. Read More

5G and Next-Generation Networks in a Time of Crisis

 The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is the same as the Chinese symbol for “opportunity.”

This curious semantic is being realized now in 2020. It’s borne out in the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic—and in the opportunities and promise afforded by 5G and next generation technologies. But a footnote: we must get to 5G swiftly but cautiously.

With COVID-19, we’re all online, all the time. The pandemic has fueled a hunger for bigger, faster and more ubiquitous broadband services, and the movement toward next-generation networks and 5G will help sate the beast, say the carriers.

The sheer number of Americans online during the pandemic has moved the needle toward a next-generation network. At the workplace, we crave Zoom calls and webinars. At home, we binge on Netflix and our kids are addicted to gaming applications. And many of us have experienced distance learning and telemedicine for the first time.

…. Read More

Hylan Partners with Sitetracker to Meet Growing Demand

Project management platform provider, Sitetracker, announced their partnership with Hylan yesterday. Hylan is a provider of full-service turnkey communications solutions, electrical infrastructure design, and construction services …. Read More

Industry Spotlight: Hylan's Joe Cecin Talks Infrastructure and the Pandemic

Internet infrastructure is essential to modern society, so there may be a pandemic but the trucks are still rolling, fiber and radios are still being deployed, and bandwidth demands are going nowhere but up …. Read More

What Nobody Is Telling You About 5G

Before 5G can become a realistic deployment for most carriers and communications service providers, we as an industry must figure out how to utilize the bandwidth properly… Read More

HYLAN participates in JSA’s Virtual Roundtable and Chairman, Robert Dileo, provides insight on a timely topic. The panelists share their perspectives on Smart Cities & IoT in the New World of COVID-19.

Moderator: Peter Murray, Dense Networks

Speakers: Scott Ward, TBI Kyle Hildebrand, eX² Technology Robert DiLeo, Hylan Ishaq Mian, Redline

In this JSA TV interview, live from Metro Connect 2020, CEO, Joe Cecin provides an overview of Hylan, including its history, growth, acquisitions, and how its turnkey approach contributes to the company’s overall success. He also describes what the company is doing with the rapid expansion of small cell deployments, and what’s ahead in 2020 in terms of organic growth and potential future M&A activity.

Hylan Datacom & Electrical’s new training facility opens in Long Island City

Hylan, a specialised communications engineering and construction services provider, has announced today the grand opening of its new training facility under the Sanford Duskin Memorial Training Center in Long Island City, NY… Read More


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It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of valued #Hylanfamily member Bert Martin. A loyal and long standing employee of Hylan for more than 30 years, Bert was essential to Hylan's DNA and will be forever missed and never forgotten. https://hylan.com/a-tribute-to-bert-martin-valued-hylan-family-member/

Have you ever seen the removal of an #infrastructure pole? Check out this Down Under #Construction project in #Maryland #decommissioning a 72-foot pole.

Down Under Construction is making strides by installing conduits for a future #datacenter. They are digging and setting electric manholes to be tied into for the main power. Additionally, they will be trenching & encasing various duct banks around the outside of the building.

Hylan's mission is simple - to be the leader in the race to build the nation's communications, #electrical and #smartcity infrastructure. Watch this video to learn how we are participating in the greatest expansion of infrastructure in history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5kyUX_w8ZY

#DYK - #5G has the potential to make loading websites, #streaming #music, and downloading up to 10 times faster than #4G. Find out what @rtbianco says about the new realities for streaming on 5G. (pg.28) @ConnectWorldICT https://connect-world.com/north-america-i-2021/

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