Municipal / Smart City Services

City planners and leaders, government agencies, and private companies understand that communication infrastructure is the foundation for efficient, sustainable, and secure smart cities and municipalities. HYLAN partners with private companies and government agencies nationwide to build out their foundational infrastructure using our team’s decades of experience in wireless, wireline, and fiberless technologies.

Reliance on connectivity and communication infrastructure has intensified in recent years, but smart initiatives are not new to HYLAN’s skilled team of industry experts. We have been in service for over 63 years and are proud to have been one of the top selected companies to build out the foundational infrastructure for some of the earliest Smart City initiatives in the US.

Uniquely qualified to meet all your infrastructure requirements:

  • Certified technicians who are thoroughly trained and experienced
  • Highly accredited safety and quality standards
  • Streamlined and optimized logistics, resulting in better projection of timelines, proper staffing, and the right resources to complete your project on time and within budget

Datacom Telecom

Surveying, Rodding, Roping & Innerduct Placement

HYLAN provides rodding, roping and innerduct of the existing underground conduit systems connecting manholes. By utilizing their experience and patience, our rodder mechanics have cleared sections of obstructed conduit inaccessible to others. These mechanics are also trained to survey circumvention routes in the event of a total duct collapse. Furthermore, we offer engineering surveys for those customers who have limited resources.

Fiber Optic Cable Placing

HYLAN has placed millions of feet of fiber optic cable in aerial and underground subway systems throughout the US. We possess cutting- edge equipment and vehicles for both underground and aerial installations. Our vast experience has led us to implement many safeguards in underground placement of cable, assuring the integrity of the installation.

Air assisted placing is another method we use to lay fiber optic cable. This method is mainly used for fairly straight runs in aerial innerduct and underground conduit.

Fiber Optic Testing

OTDR testing at HYLAN is one of the many reasons we are so successful. Clients have called on us to locate problems in systems both new and old. We are able to accurately locate any problems and analyze the traces, producing computer printed documentation. We are GN Nettest certified and our equipment is able to test at the 1310, 1550 and now the latest, 1625 wave lengths.
Electrical construction

Government Construction

Federal, State, and Local agencies provide a consistent workload across all underground industry segments. In recent years, where secured communications and autonomous operations have been the focus of government initiatives, HYLAN has fulfilled numerous contracts for all levels of government with widely varying scopes-of-work.

HYLAN has acquired all certifications and approvals for working in the most secured environments. Projects have ranged from cabling facilities for new communications to retrofitting the entire power distribution infrastructure of an active military base. Our low-impact and minimally intrusive approach to the government facilities we serve has made us a preferred solution provider for the Department of Defense and other government highly specialized agencies and departments.

From general network permitting activities, to easement research to coordination with government authorities on road-moves and municipal expansion, the HYLAN engineering team’s history of success with such organizations gives our clients a clear path to project completion.

Smart City

Utility Construction

Underground Conduit Construction

We regularly update our fleet of rock saws, trenchers and vehicles to assure the successful, on-time completion of all projects. Our record of completing specified footage from 50 feet to 50 miles within any time frame is what built HYLAN’s underground division.

Manhole Installation

We have installed numerous manholes in all types of terrain. We build manholes in place to accommodate specific requirements as well as physical site conditions.

Aerial Construction

HYLAN remains committed to monthly inspections of its aerial truck fleet, assuring our customers the reliability of on-time aerial construction. Monthly meetings with crewmembers and foremen guarantee that our customers’ aerial placement specifications of both fiber and coax are being met.

Power Supply Construction

Outdoor power supply pedestals require many man hours of work to install. There are underground conduits and cables to these devices which mean that we must cut the streets, run the conduits to manholes, splice the cables to the main trunk lines and restore the entire area. This is one power supply of many in a main line that delivers the crystal clear cable television reception we all enjoy. HYLAN is the only contractor who provides cable television companies with complete, in-house service.

Coax/Plant Rebuilds, Upgrades / Multiple Dwelling Unit Construction

HYLAN is active with HFC upgrades with Charter Communications, Altice and AT&T. Whether we are splicing coax cable or conducting final testing, each technician has been trained to troubleshoot and repair all situations in order to fulfill all phases of FCC Certification for our customers. We have assisted with certification of both 860 MGZ and 1 GHZ systems.

Warehousing / Logistics

HYLAN provides management, procurement, warehousing, and outsourced labor services to support our clients in any location throughout the US. As project launch dates begin to advance, and project plans are finalized, we can provide early support, or arrive on the project to provide the actual field implementation of the client’s directives.

We provide a variety of professional and construction services and status reports on any time schedule, or on any work progress point.


Intelligent Transportation Systems

HYLAN collaborates with various State Departments of Transportation to implement Variable Message Sign (VMS) boards, enhancing communication and traffic management throughout all regions.

Municipal Services

Closed Circuit Television

HYLAN takes pride in advancing security solutions by expertly installing state-of-the-art CCTV cameras. Our commitment goes beyond technology; we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive surveillance that enhances safety and peace of mind for your environment.
Smart City Services

All Encompassing Solutions

Our diverse portfolio encompasses municipal and smart city services such as ​hi-voltage, utility networks, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, distribution systems, security systems, solar panels, and more.

Municipal and Smart City Services

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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.