Wireline Services

Fiber Splicing

Whether the job calls for fiber splicing, fiber pulling, rodding & roping, or any other fiber related tasks, HYLAN’s highly trained, certified, and efficient crews deliver industry leading service backed by state-of-the-art equipment.
Wireline Services Fiber Splicing

Aerial Fiber Systems

HYLAN is a market leader when it comes to providing installation and maintenance of aerial systems. We maintain a group of well trained and highly specialized crews equipped with the latest installation equipment.  HYLAN can also effectively respond to 24/7 emergency requests for restoration services required by our clients.

Our expertise in aerial systems includes:

  • Turn Key Site Development
  • Foundations and Civil Work
  • Supply, Installation and Test Antennas and Transmission Lines
  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspections & Maintenance
  • Tower Reinforcing
  • Rooftop Installation
  • Emergency Services
  • Emergency Restoration Services
Aerial Coax Wireline Services

Coax Splicing

Coax splicing involves connecting two coaxial cables to maintain signal integrity and ensure seamless communication in various electronic systems. For over four decades, HYLAN has been at the forefront of excellence in coax splicing, pioneering reliability, and innovation since the 1980s. Trust us to seamlessly connect your networks, delivering decades of proven expertise in every splice.
Splicing Wireline Services

Aerial Coax Systems

Elevate your connectivity with our superior aerial coax solutions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures high-performance transmission, while our experienced team guarantees precision installation for optimal network reliability above ground.

Wireline Services Coax

Data Center Construction

At HYLAN we understand that the success of your data center hinges on a robust and adaptive electrical infrastructure. Our specialized team is dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, utilizing the latest technologies to optimize efficiency and energy management. Partner with us for a future-proof electrical solution that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your data center’s evolving demands.
Wireline Services for data centers

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Our Certifications

HYLAN’s talented workforce holds all certifications, licenses, and other specialized training necessary to work in any market, and in-house staff to handle permitting and zoning issues. We have contractual relationships with all relevant unions, including local chapters of IBEW, IUOE and LUNA, and are certified to work for ConEd, MTA, NYCDOT, DOITT, NYSDOT, TBDA, ECS and others.