As we all know, life today is radically different than it was before the pandemic. Even within the last year, we have seen significant changes in how we use technology. From remote work and education to telehealth and home entertainment, wireless infrastructure is more deeply ingrained in our everyday lives more than ever. This has put a significant strain on our existing network infrastructure. Fortunately, the next generation of wireless technology has helped support these increased demands. Properties of 5G, such as enhanced bandwidth and the ability to disaggregate and aggregate when needed, allow network designers and network operators to deliver network services to their customers.

While 5G has helped make life easier, there are still misconceptions when it comes to deployments. Limited access to fiber and 5G radioheads is one of the main concerns surrounding 5G. There are additional concerns regarding safety, as well as logistics. The good news for 5G, however, is that there are contingency plans to help alleviate or eliminate these issues and misconceptions. Check out this Fierce Wireless article, co-authored by Hylan’s own VP of Business Development, Robert Bianco and ZenFi Networks’ VP of Business Development, Walter Cannon, to learn why 5G is here to stay and how to overcome 5G misconceptions.

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