Hylan Discusses the Importance of 5G in Crain’s New York Business

Hylan’s VP of Business Development, Robert Bianco, was recently featured in Crain’s New York Business discussing 5G and its key role in facilitating New York’s recovery from the pandemic. As telecommuting has reached peak popularity, partially due to stay at home orders enforced at the beginning of the pandemic, 5G connectivity is imperative to ensuring networks are able to handle the high bandwidth strain. 5G is Imperative, and It’s Safe

The article covers the various controversies that 5G has faced, as numerous claims and conspiracy theories have spread about the safety of 5G. Anti-5G sentiment took the world by storm and threatened to curb the widespread adoption of the wireless technology, and came to literal blows with the burning and bombing of 5G towers throughout the world. To counter this sentiment, Bianco cites some key statistics and facts about the value of 5G and goes on to explain the importance of its presence in our wireless infrastructure to support our continuously evolving digital world. From IoT to telecommuting and beyond, 5G is a key catalyst to New York and the world healing and advancing past the COVID-19 pandemic.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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