Large-scale infrastructure projects are often developed and carried out on a turnkey basis. This means that the project is completed, from start to finish, by one company or contractor. Conversely, the more traditional, design-bid-build (DBB) project delivery method involves hiring a designer to draw up the plans, and then turns it over to the project manager to contract several different entities to carry out a project based on a bidding process. 

Although DBB has traditionally been the more widely used method, more and more companies are opting for a full-service turnkey solution to avoid issues that can be both frustrating and costly. But how do you know if a turnkey approach is the right project delivery method for your operation? Here’s a closer look at some key factors you should take into consideration. 


A turnkey solution is based on a collaborative approach, with the owner and the contractor working together as a team. The contractor understands the full scope of the project and can align it with your vision. As an owner, you have the peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner taking responsibility for the project from beginning to end. 

Market Expertise

A full-service turnkey approach allows the client to hire experts in their field, with the experience and knowledge necessary for large-scale projects. An experienced team that has completed numerous projects also has a keen understanding of the local geography and terrain. This allows them to carry out the project with no guesswork and eliminates bottlenecks associated with permitting and terrain navigation challenges. 

Predictable Timelines

In tandem with industry knowledge, an experienced partner has the skills, resources, and proficiency to complete even complex projects within their estimated timeframe. Multiple stages of a turnkey project may overlap due to having a single contractor, resulting in a reduced timeline. Additionally, a partner that provides “cradle to grave” services is well-versed in all projects at every stage, which reduces delays throughout the process.

Up-Front Pricing

With the turnkey approach, there is less uncertainty about total project cost. Unlike the DBB method, where the cost is unclear until the project has been designed and bid out, with a turnkey approach the contractor can wrap the entire cost estimate into a solid range. This helps you predetermine the completed projects’ cost and better manage the budget from the start. 

Turnkey Solutions Offer Peace of Mind

With a turnkey solution, you partner with your company of choice from day one through project completion and beyond. Selecting an experienced, reputable company gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a high level of service and a well-managed project with quality results you’ll be proud of.  

For large-scale, complex infrastructure projects, working with a company that specializes in turnkey communications solutions, electrical infrastructure design and construction services for wireline, wireless and smart city municipal services ensures your project is in good hands. 

Hylan combines collaboration and market expertise to provide full-service turnkey solutions, so your project is completed on time and within budget. From initial concept through to planning, budgeting, design, construction, and installation, Hylan delivers exceptional quality and service. 

Contact Hylan today and discover how, from initial concept through to planning, budgeting, design, construction and installation, our team can deliver exceptional quality and service for your next project.

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