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It’s that time again — where we are honored to share with our community just how unique and talented our team members of the Hylan family are! Summer is swiftly under way, and we’d love for you to take the time for a little summer reading to learn more about our longtime – and recently promoted –  team member at Hylan – Ms. Lisa Berkowitz. Lisa presently operates as Hylan’s Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst. In her position, Lisa is integral in helping to support the company’s management decisions by providing actionable financial information, and monitoring financial statements, expenses, taxes, and other financial detail to determine where the company makes money. (Hey, now we’re talkin’!) Let’s hear more from Lisa: 

You first joined the Hylan family with a position at Hylan Datacom & Electrical.   What led you to this position? 

In 2015, I joined the Hylan Datacom & Electrical team, shortly after I was laid off from my former position as Payroll Manager with a hotel. I was lucky to find the open position with Hylan; I was extremely excited to be in a new industry and start my new role. I have now been with the company for nearly four years and as a bookkeeper. I started by working closely with our Assistant Controller and have grown from there under her tutelage. I was later promoted to Senior Accountant where I worked on the payroll for both Union and Non-Union employees. 

 Congratulations are in order for your most recent promotion – you have now moved on from the Hylan Datacom & Electrical division to Hylan’s corporate team! Please describe your current role at the company. 

Thank you! I have recently transitioned from Senior Accountant where the majority of my work was handling the payroll for Union and Non-Union employees at Hylan Datacom & Electrical. I am now the Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst for Hylan and work closely with our CFO, Scott Gindea. 

Hylan Datacom & Electrical has a pivotal part in Hylan history. The company was founded nearly 60 years ago in New York City and has evolved into a major force in the communication and electrical infrastructure industries. What has been your experience working with Hylan thus far?

I enjoy coming to work every day and look forward to the opportunities Hylan has given me and continues to offer me. We have a nice balance of younger employees who keep my knowledge fresh as well as skilled veterans who are willing to teach and work with me daily. I am very grateful to them as they help me pursue my career and offer me opportunities I don’t feel I would have received elsewhere. 

 What do you most enjoy about Hylan as a company, and working there?

I love when I can walk around certain areas of New York City or even down in Asbury Park and see our actual creations. It’s exciting to see the other side of our business, especially since I’m used to only looking at numbers all day long. 

 What recent Hylan project or initiative are you most proud of?

I was very excited to have been part of the Hylan Food Drive that we ran for one of the local food banks. I also worked closely with our HR Department to help run Career Day2019, which was a huge success. We had a female electrician in the apprenticeship program who came in to talk to the kids about her experience and speak about the program itself. I know she not only inspired them, but a lot of the moms as well. 

 Hylan works with a number of local charity and/or community organizations – can you tell more about the company’s work there, and your involvement?

I am the proud leader of Girl Scout Troop 886 and co-leader for Cub Scout Den 4, both out of Matawan. As any leader knows, it’s all about your connections. Hylan has come out to the Cub Scout meetings and taught the boys about our industry and exactly what their work entails on a day to day basis. It was nice to see the kids get excited and it’s beneficial to hear first-hand exactly what our guys do, such as climb bridges!  

What are you most looking forward to in 2019 at Hylan?

Moving to the Bell Works building here in Holmdel. It is rich in history and architecture and they are transforming it into what they call a ‘Metroburb.’  We were able to tour our space a few weeks back and I can’t wait to move in. (Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming move!)

 Now, let’s get a little personal and get to know your other side – outside of work. Where do you live?  

I live a whole whopping 8 minutes away in Matawan, NJ. (Short commutes are nice!)

Where did you go to school?  

I went to St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. 

Tell us what you love to do in your free time. 

I love to hike and go on different outdoor adventures. Finding new places to share with my Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy meeting new people who are willing to share their knowledge/opportunities with our youth. I love opening doors for them that they might have never known existed.

Thank you, Lisa, for a wonderful interview and sharing your Hylan experience with us! 

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