2020 marks an incredible milestone for Hylan – it is the year our Datacom & Electrical division enters its 60th year of operation proudly serving the telecommunications and construction industries. As we reflect on our company’s history and accomplishments, and gear up for the opportunities this new decade has in store for us, we would like to express our sincere gratitude both to our customers and partners, and also to our fabulous Hylan family; we couldn’t have accomplished any of the feats of the last 60 years without them! 

Since Hylan Datacom & Electrical’’s founding in 1960, our company as a whole has grown significantly. When we began, our scope was limited to commercial electrical contracting. But in the 80’s we eventually found ourselves moving swiftly into the telecoms space with some wireline jobs for New York City’s leading cable operator. From there, our work in fiber optic installation boomed and eventually led us to complete our first DAS project in 2007, launching us into work with wireless systems as well. By the 2000s we were completing municipal work, reaching heights of over $100 million in revenue, and securing solid investments from Flexis Capital and TZP Group. This growth ultimately  culminated in the exciting 2018 acquisitions of our four Hylan divisions that you all know today: Down Under Construction, serving DC and Baltimore; Hylan West (formerly Tetra Tech Utility Construction), serving Arizona, California, and Utah; and Western Utility, serving Chicago and the greater Midwest. Joined with Hylan Datacom & Electrical, serving the greater New York City area and Philadelphia, these companies are as one, under Hylan Companies.

With a presence in 17 states spanning the U.S., and growing, we’ve even been able to leverage our expertise coast to coast. Our four Hylan divisions serve their respective markets as follows:

  • Hylan Datacom & Electrical for Datacom/Splicing, Utility Construction, DAS and Small Cell, and Electrical Construction and Maintenance
  • Down Under Construction for Government, Construction, Splicing, Design and Engineering, Warehousing, Logistics, and Personnel
  • Hylan West for Construction, Engineering, Fiber Optics, Electrical, and Cellular, DAS, Public Safety & WiFi Installations 
  • Western Utility for Directional Boring, Open Cut Trenching, Hydro Excavation, and Aerial Systems

Here at Hylan, we have always referred to ourselves as a family company; something that has not changed in the 60 years since we have been operational. Our founder, John DiLeo Sr, always empowered his employees to take pride in their work, and that is something that remains important and prevalent  across all of our Hylan divisions today. Because of our close-knit network of employees, we work with some of the most experienced and qualified individuals in the industry. We are hardworking, dedicated and uniquely able to offer “cradle to grave” solutions across a wide variety of construction, maintenance, design, and engineering services.

As the years roll on we continue to expand and scale, which is best illustrated in the recent addition of Hylan Datacom & Electrical’s Long Island City training facility in 2018 and the move of the division’s headquarters to the iconic Bell Works building in Holmdel, NJ. Both of these moves align closely with our long-term growth strategy in which we plan to become the premier smart city construction company of the future. 

Hylan is incredibly fortunate to have boomed so significantly in the past 60 years of our operation. We plan to continue that growth into the next 60 years, so stay tuned for the next installment of this blog in 2080, when we reflect on how far we’ve come from this point we are at now. We are so excited for all of the opportunities that 2020 and beyond will bring for us, and we can’t wait to take all of you along for that journey as well!

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