We are excited to officially announce our brand new corporate video for Hylan, featuring an overview of Hylan Companies. The new video offers our community a ‘behind the scenes’ look into what being a part of the Hylan family is like. We are giving the world a peek behind the curtain in the form of highlighting all of the aspects that go into a Hylan project. 

Hylan is a leader in the race to build the nation’s communications, electrical, and smart-city infrastructure, achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building meaningful careers for our people, and delivering an attractive return for our stakeholders.

At Hylan, we are participating in the greatest expansion of infrastructure in history, and it is as important as the buildout of the railroads and electrical grid over the last 150 years. The Hylan team is building the ‘Transcontinental Railroad of the Information Age;’ the infrastructure that will empower all of the transformational technologies of our time, from 5G wireless communications, to the Internet of Things, to Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities.  Hylan is enabling it all.

In the video, you can also learn  how rewarding a career with Hylan can be. Not only are we taking part in some very exciting projects, but we also offer our employees, better known as our Hylan Family, comprehensive training that gives them all of the tools they need to be an expert in their respective job function. From project planning to execution, we are the leading telecommunications infrastructure construction company and that is largely thanks to our experienced staff. 

Become a part of our Hylan Family and get a front row seat to the most exciting expansion of the 21st century – the growth and expansion of the internet!

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