Smart city initiatives are springing up globally, and especially in New York City, which is considered one of the first urban cities to really focus on these initiatives to improve the quality of life for its residents. Smart cities are data and technology-driven metropolises that enable businesses and enterprises to leverage innovative technology for a plethora of reasons, including efficient energy allocation, waste management optimization, improved public transport, and more.

Of course developing a smart city is no easy task. In fact, for most cities – the Big Apple included – the existing infrastructure needed to support these lofty ambitions is not yet capable of supporting these lofty ambitions. But Hylan is contributing to smart city initiatives head-on and, because of its efforts, was named New York Real Estate Journal’s (NYREJ) Company of the Month.

DAS, Small Cell, Smart City

By partnering with private companies and government agencies, Hylan helps prepare cities nationwide to achieve goals that are guaranteed to improve transportation, streamline community involvement and communications, and promote a more efficient and environmentally-friendly use of resources.

To reach smart city status, robust wireless capabilities are essential. Importantly, upgrading wireless infrastructure is critical for allowing the coming flood of connected devices to send and receive all the information they’re collecting in real-time, without lag time. By working with top carriers, Hylan has helped to upgrade existing deployments.

Additionally, we spend ample time installing small cells for our customers. In fact, we consider it our duty to vastly improve wireless service for the surrounding immediate area. In order for wireless service to operate within the 5G standard in densely populated areas, small cells will have to be scattered throughout the city.

Interested in learning more about Hylan’s involvement in smart city initiatives? Read more in NYREJ’s “Company of the Month” feature on Hylan here.

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