5G is happening now and as the next-generation network becomes more readily available across the U.S., small cell and Distributed Antenna (DAS) deployments will play a critical role in the widespread 5G rollout.

While some have voiced criticism that 5G will ‘kill’ small cell and DAS, nothing could be further from the truth. The 5G revolution is building on the already existing 4G infrastructure. That’s why an estimated nearly $300 billion dollars will be invested in thousands of new small cells, spectrum and fiber to improve coverage and capacity.

Currently, there are approximately 300,000 cell sites across the country, and 5G is expected to require a 10 to 100-fold increase in cell sites. The exponential small cell buildup of densifying networks in preparation for 5G  is pivotal over the next three to five years. Small cells, which are low-powered radio access points, are seen as a valued partner to 5G as it is able to reuse the same frequencies over and over again within the same geographical area while optimizing the available spectrum.The accelerated rate of infrastructure upgrades will help networks keep up with the current 4G demand and position them for 5G.

DAS is a technology similar to small cells and equally important to the 5G adoption both indoors and outdoors. DAS can provide multi-carrier services and bridge indoor service gaps using shared antennas to help eliminate uninterrupted service in any environment. Since the 5G signal can’t travel as far and won’t be able to penetrate buildings, indoor DAS (iDAS) networks are a necessity for the 5G networks to function indoors. The demand for DAS and iDAS will continue to rise as 5G networks are launched.

As the infrastructure for both small cells and DAS is being readied, there are also efforts underway to ensure new buildings are designed with small cells in mind so they are small cell ready from that start. Initiatives are also being made by municipalities to make sure the influx in small cells and DAS antennas don’t become eyesores. Hylan is a trusted partner to help keep communities innovative and aesthetic with strategic installation locations for equipment while navigating local and federal regulatory guidelines for small cell and DAS deployments.

Even though 5G isn’t available everywhere yet in the U.S., it’s coming soon. Hylan is here to help network operators with small cell and DAS technology installation as they face robust expansion plans to usher in 5G adoption across the U.S.

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