In a recent piece with NYREJ, Robert Bianco discusses whether commercial property owners are shifting away from WiFi and towards Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in the New York/New Jersey areas. Bianco explains that DAS, much like small cells, will be imperative to continued widespread 5G adoption. While small cells optimize the available spectrum under the 5G umbrella, DAS can be used to fill in service gaps in and around commercial buildings and provide multi-carrier services.

The article states that within the past five years, 80% of cellular demand in New York and New Jersey is for service inside buildings, which is where indoor DAS (iDAS) comes in. 5G signals can’t travel as far as other signals, so they have trouble penetrating buildings. Therefore, bringing antennas inside commercial structures can help amplify these signals and bring them closer to end users, thereby filling in service gaps.  You can learn more about iDAS and its integral part to enabling connectivity across New York and New Jersey by reading Robert Bianco’s piece with NYREJ here.

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