From left to right are: Jonathan Jones, Corporate Safety Director of Hylan, Frank Bedtke, Chairman of the GCDPC and Malachy (Mack) Mcloughlin, Field Safety Engineer for Western Utility, a Hylan Company

We are excited to congratulate our Western Utility division for being presented with the Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council (GCDPC)’s “Excavator of the Year” award for 2020!

Presented with the award on September 14, 2021, Western Utility was recognized for its outstanding leadership by hosting almost 2,500 hours training with almost 350 hours of training focused on underground damage prevention.

Additionally, Western Utility led the excavator community in the City of Chicago with only eight damages per one thousand qualify dig tickets throughout the entire calendar year of 2020. This is second time in the last three years Western Utility has won the prestigious award as the company also won the award in 2018; the first year the award was presented.

The GCDPC is the leading damage prevention council in the City of Chicago. Annually the GCDPC recognizes organizations and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to damage prevention. The GCDPC works to promote safety and prevent damage to underground facilities, construction safety through education, the need to call 811 before you dig and the need to coordinate work activities.

Way to go, Western Utility! Stay in the know on the latest accolades, projects and more by following Western Utility on LinkedIn.

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