Western Utility


Western Utility, another proficient subsidiary of the Hylan Company, is recognized as a construction leader in the Midwest, offering a plethora of services in telecom, electric, pipeline, water, and sewer construction, and maintenance. Headquartered in the south suburbs of Chicago and having a presence throughout Illinois, we serve our clients through a dedicated team of more than 200 well-trained and dedicated employees. Our commitment to safety, timeliness, and excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our successful operations, ensuring we continuously meet and exceed client expectations.


Western Utility, renowned for its construction expertise, offers a wide range of services, from directional boring, open cut trenching, hydro excavation to aerial systems services. Our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients is evident in our 24/7 emergency response services.
With our well-rounded offerings, Western Utility is your go-to provider for all construction needs, committed to building your future… today!

Directional Boring

This “no dig” technology is used to install underground piping and conduit, eliminating the need for surface excavation. We have the necessary equipment and experienced teams for the job.

Open Cut Trenching

Depending on the project, open cut trenching might be more suitable. We offer this service safely and efficiently, providing solutions best suited to your project’s scope.

Hydro Excavation

A modern alternative to traditional trench digging, hydro excavation is a safe, efficient, and versatile way to install underground piping.

Aerial Systems

We are a market leader in the installation and maintenance of aerial systems, capable of effectively responding to 24/7 emergency requests.

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