You’ve probably heard the phrase, “experience isn’t everything,” and in many cases, that adage holds true. However, there are times when experience does indeed matter. In fact, there are some instances in which experience is critical. When it comes to selecting a partner for an electrical installation project, for example, finding a company with extensive experience is a key factor to getting the job done properly, on time, and within budget. 

Here are six reasons why, when it comes to choosing the right electrical contractor for your organization’s project, experience should be at the top of your list of prerequisites. 

Geographical Expertise

An experienced team that has completed a numerous and diverse set of projects in your region has a keen understanding of the local geography and infrastructure. This eliminates bottlenecks associated with permitting and terrain navigation challenges and allows them to carry out the project with no guesswork. 


Certain industries necessitate specific types of training and certifications. Before hiring an electrical contractor, ask for details about their experience, as well as certifications and training specific to your industry that workers have received. Hylan takes training a step beyond other companies by offering the Hylan Academy – a program specifically designed to effectively train workers for the complex projects that Hylan is renowned for. 

Project-Specific Knowledge

Experience on a variety of projects in multiple market sectors exposes contractors to alternative approaches and techniques they can apply to additional projects. There are times when multiple approaches can be used for one electrical task. Ideally, the electrical contractor you choose should have a breadth and depth of experience in multiple industries—and the insight to recommend the best approach necessary for each project.


Every electrical installation project is a collaboration between the owner or project manager and the contractor. An experienced contractor can quickly understand the full scope of every project and can align it with the manager’s vision. This gives you the peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner by your side taking responsibility for the project every step of the way. 

Predictable Timelines

An experienced electrical partner has the resources, skills, and abilities to complete even complex projects within their estimated timeframe. Their ability to identify potential issues mitigates damage with minimal or no effect on scheduling or budgets. Catching mistakes in the installation stage also helps to ensure trouble-free electrical operations in the future. 

Reliable Pricing

With an experienced electrical contractor, there is less uncertainty about total project cost. Their work on similar projects helps them set a scope of work as well as an accurate budget. This helps you predetermine the completed projects’ cost and better manage the budget from the start. 


Since our founding in 1960, Hylan has curated a team of experts who are well-versed in projects of all sizes at all stages. Over the years we have been able to refine our operations, resulting in efficient processes that allow us to deploy projects rapidly, avoid operational bottlenecks, and complete projects consistently. We maintain the highest quality standards, so you can be confident that when you work with Hylan, the job will be done properly, on time, and within budget.

Because when it comes to electrical installation projects, there’s no substitute for experience. And when your company’s reputation and bottom line are at stake, experience not only matters – it’s essential. 

Contact Hylan today and discover how, from initial concept through to planning, budgeting, design, construction, and installation, the experienced Hylan team can deliver exceptional quality and service for your next electrical installation project. 


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